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Object Outline Generates useful, up to date, documentation for software written in C and C++. Object Outline generates HTML, RTF, and WinHelp documents that seamlessly combine the project's source code, the comments
Size: 851K
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winhelp manage winhelp strip html comments  
Combinatorial object Generate exponents with this tool.
Size: 99 KB
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Create Creator generator create exponent generate exponent  
Object Browser List all the COM/OLE objects installed in the operating system
Size: 791KB
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system object object library desktop object  
Object Hydrator Allows you to pass custom POCO's to it
Size: 102 KB
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class random Random Data hydrator class GetList function  
Object Monitor Verify the integrity of your files
Size: 2 MB
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checker monitor Verifier file monitor check integrity  
Object Mover Object Mover is a powerful and quick tool which will allow you to move a large number of user or computer accounts
Size: 1.5 MB
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animate Object system object Active Directory 3D object  

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Programming Mapping Tool for CIM to Java A tool capable of mapping all the CIM objects to their equivalent Java objects using Java source code based on the CIM Class definitions
Size: 432 KB
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source code Java class transformer transform Java class  
Arm Map Explorer Arm Map Explorer lets you locate and view any object on the planet using interactive maps. With Arm Map Explorer you can: * Study physical and economic geography * Explore the Earth surface using dyna
Size: 5.2 MB
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map satellite object explorer satellite view coordinate  
Arabella Vacation New freeware hidden object game by Do not lose the opportunity to play hidden object game online or download free. You have a list of object that should be found. Click at them
Size: 3.47 MB
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Object Model import media object object explorer  
db4o for Mono db4o (database for objects) is the open source object database for Mono. Features include native object persistence, object-oriented replication, automatic schema recognition. Ideal for embedded use a
Size: 7.54 MB
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object-oriented programming object-oriented prog  
db4o db4o (database for objects) is the open source object database (Java and .NET)
Size: 30.6 MB
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object-oriented programming object-oriented prog  
Arabells Gems 2 Addictive free online bright hidden object game with 4 levels by There is a list of objects that should be found in the cabin, park, kitchen and ambulance. Click at the object a
Size: 3428K
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import media object object explorer Create Rotating Object  

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Lior's Map Creator It has various libraries of objects, an unlimited map size, and an object editor.
Size: 1005.33KB
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Lior's Map Creator It has various libraries of objects, an unlimited map size, and an object editor.
Size: 1.03M
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create map create drawing create MW5 map  
Lasertool black: ground covered)[/li] [li]Minimum object height map (red: no object point in this pixel, black to white corresponds to height of lowest object point)[/li] [li]Point count map (the brighter, the ...
Size: 4.9 MB
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generator generate point Image Generator Generate Image  
Maps Package The maps are 100% vectorial graphic. Get 20 maps at the price of 6. This package contains: XML Canada Map, XML USA Map, XML Central America, XML South America, XML Europe Map, XML Asia Map, XML Africa...
Size: 0.1MB
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JSiteMap JSitemap was developed to be an open source java site map generator, more precisely is a converter form of a java tree structure; this step is useful in an object-oriented design, in order to logi...
Size: 83.05K
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generator generate sitemap generate sitemap  
Baker Using the UV mapping of an object, it can extract flat texture maps from any Carrara shader, giving then the possibility to rework it in other traditional 2D software. You can now start shading an obj...
Size: 237 KB
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texture screensaver texture heightmap texture generator