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Object in title

My Object Note An efficient and user-friendly application which aims to offer you the means of keeping an eye on the t...
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Value Object Creator Create value objects for all the business objects the application needs to work with
Size: 614 KB
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generator Distributable Objects moving objects  
Object Hydrator Allows you to pass custom POCO's to it
Size: 102 KB
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class random Random Data hydrator class GetList function  
Object Spy Object Spy Object Spy is a useful tool for programmers and script-writers
Size: 646 KB
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Object TextGadget object object converter object management  
Object Outline Generates useful, up to date, documentation for software written in C and C++. Object Outline generates HTML, RTF, and WinHelp documents that seamlessly combine the project's source code, the comments
Size: 851K
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winhelp manage winhelp strip html comments  
PB Object Anywhere The ultimate text editor for exported PowerBuilder object scripts. The interface has been carefully crafted to help you get your work done faster. It can help get your PB apps Year 2000 compliant, cle
Size: 2,430K
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exported Ruletrees object editor PB file  

Object in tags

HTTPSserver/X HTTPSERVER/X™ - HTTP Server ActiveX Control and COM Object
Size: 1.3 MB
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Object Model Internet Information Services model Component  
EMS DB Comparer 2007 for PostgreSQL Excellent tool for PostgreSQL database comparison and synchronization.
Size: 9.0 MB
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development software sql database tool ems sqlmanager gui  
EMS DB Comparer 2007 for SQL Server Excellent tool for SQL Server database comparison and synchronization.
Size: 8.6 MB
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development software sql database tool server ems  
VS2005 Addins KNOCKS VS2005 Addin - provides features to improve your productivity while coding and designing and debugging
Size: 382.2 KB
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generate programming Object Design Explorer Code Explorer  
OBJ Import for 3D Studio MAX OBJ Import for 3D Studio MAX - OBJ file import plug-in for 3D Studio MAX
Size: 306.8 KB
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import 3D Object OBJ Import 3D Studio MAX  
AccessChk Administrators often need to know what kind of accesses specific users or groups have to resources
Size: 105.62K
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service windows viewer view Object permission  

Object in description

MegaLogic The goal is to take all Objects until the last one by jumping over another object. Click one object, jump over another one, move it to the blank place, and it will clear the middle object. Repeat it u...
Size: 364.8 KB
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Object moving objects click Move goal only space objects  
Kryo Kryo is a fast and efficient Object graph serialization framework for Java. The project is useful any time objects need to be persisted whether to a file, database, or over the network. Kryo can also ...
Size: 387 KB
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data serialization serialization Framework  
ObjectMaster ActiveX Control ObjectMaster is an ActiveX control which makes it possible to easily create copies of an object in Visual Basic 6, or to save object's properties to a file and later to reconstruct the object from the...
Size: 510K
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import media object object explorer Create Rotating Object  
Business Object JumpStart NET 2003 plug-in easily adds a C# Business Object framework to any .NET solution. Enter your Business Object specification and let the plug-in create the Business Object code, Business Object collecti...
Size: 897.5K
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Serialize NET Object NET framework Add-on  
Hide Object Annoyed by floating ads or nag screens that follow you when you scroll down a Web page? Hide Object comes in action and will help you to get rid of them. Right-click the object you want to hide and se...
Size: 299.8K
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Finder chooser system object Domain Domain Finder longer  
SQL Balance for Sybase ASA SQLBalance compares the structure of two databases line by line, Object by object, and highlights the differences! It shows full information about the object in the form of table and as a DDL script, ...
Size: 3.27MB
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structure structure sketcher MGraph Structure compares